We support the developmentof the Peruvian cacao

Development of Digital Tools

In order to improve the management and training skills of technical professionals and cocoa farmers, the CIC has developed two projects:

1. Smartphone App:

CIC-AGRO app is focused on the needs of cocoa farmers and it allows the users to understand in a simple way how to optimize their plantations. The App consists of 3 modules designed to improve the cocoa crop control and performance:

- MODULE 1: Agronomic handling plan

- MODULE 2: Fertilization plan

- MODULE 3: Pests and diseases diagnosis

(Available on PlayStore for Android devices, only for Peru)


2. Virtual Course: Fertilization on cocoa cultivation

It is a 100% interactive and virtual course that summarizes the most relevant aspects of fertilization on cocoa cultivation. The topics to be discussed are:

- Nutritional deficiencies 

- Elaboration of cocoa fertilization plan

- Soil and foliar analysis

- Fertilizer application techniques

 (Only available in Spanish)

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